The Board of Directors at Target Group provides the direction and leadership required to navigate a successful acquisition company in an evolving and rapidly expanding industry.

The Board is positioned to leverage decades of financial, entrepreneurial and leadership experience to create long-term growth, value and stability for Target Group’s shareholders.

Rubin Schindermann

CEO & Chairman, Target Group

Rubin is the Chief Executive & Financial Officer at Target Group, Inc. Rubin brings over 30 years of international public and private sector experience. His focus is on driving the Company’s overall strategy, including its Canadian and international expansion efforts, as well as laying the foundation for the company’s transition into cannabis-based consumer packaged goods. Rubin’s achievements include the development and management of multiple private and public enterprises. He was previously President & Director at Hard Asset Capital Corp and Rubin and Associates financial services. Rubin received undergraduate degrees from Tel-Aviv University and Saratov State University.

Sasha Starr

President, Target Group

Sasha is the President of Target Group, Inc. Sasha has extensive experience in the management of both public and private corporations, as well as proven leadership skills in the areas of marketing, promotions and administration. Having lived and worked internationally, Sasha understands the many challenges facing corporations in a complex, global business environment. Whether driving new business opportunities in emerging markets, or negotiating complicated regulatory issues, Sasha has successfully managed and navigated through a multitude of complex corporate situations.