Target Group offers a unique opportunity to invest in a quality-driven and disciplined cannabis investment company. We utilize vertical integration to optimize quality, reliability, and efficiency across the entire seed-to-sale value chain.

Target Group continues to expand its national and international footprint by structuring production, manufacturing and sales infrastructure globally. We leverage product diversification, innovation and operational expertise to solidify long-term growth and stability. 

Investor FAQ’s

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Target Group

What is Target Group? 

Target Group is a publicly traded company cannabis investment company. We’re targeting brands that meet our strict quality criteria, enhance our capacity for vertical integration, or facilitate our global expansion strategy.

Which Companies does Target Group own? 

Target Group currently has two subsidiaries; Canary, a Canadian cannabis Licensed Producer under Health Canada and; Cannakorp, the makers of Wisp™.

What is Vertical Integration? 

Vertical integration is a strategy where a company acquires business operations within the same production vertical. Vertical integration can help companies reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and guarantee quality by controlling multiple stages of the supply chain.

Why is Target Group focused on global expansion?

We’re expanding our global operations to build an international network of manufacturing, distribution, production and sales operations. Legalization of cannabis is expanding, and we’re using Canada’s head-start to exploit maximum value from vital cannabis markets around the world.


Where are Target Group’s shares traded?

Target Group Inc. is listed on the   under the ticker symbolCBDY’.

Shareholder Services

How can I update my details, transfer shares, receive shareholder documents or replace a lost share certificate?

If you’re a registered stockholder and have questions regarding your holdings or require account updates (mailing address, name, document requests), please contact Target Group Inc.’s transfer agent:

VStock Transfer LLC, 18 Lafayette Place, Woodmere, NY 11598, (212) 828-8436 or

Who can I contact with questions about Target Group?

You can contact Target Group Inc’s investor relations by e-mailing


Where can I find Target Group’s annual and interim quarterly reports?

These documents are available right here on our investors page.

When is Target Group’s fiscal year end?

Target Group’s fiscal year ends December 31st